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About my work

Clean, modern responsive design
I aim to create websites, which, whilst looking good, allow the key content to take centre stage. After a number of years building responsive sites, I constantly consider how the layout will adapt. As a result, your website will look equally great on mobiles, tablets and laptops ... right up to huge screens.
Built on a solid, secure base
Having used various Content Management Systems over the years, my CMS of choice is Wordpress, mainly due to its usability and modular structure. This base, coupled with a framework such as Genesis, Bootstrap or Foundation, helps ensure your website is reliable, secure and scalable.
User focussed from both sides
Accessibility and usability are huge considerations when creating any website. As well as creating a good experience for the end user, I believe that the website owner should also find it easy to update, with a minimum of coding, image resizing etc. Both are important factors in my design process.