CarbonPlan Projects


After undergoing some organisational changes, CarbonPlan approached me to redesign their website. The initial aim was to modernise the look and feel of the site, whilst clearly communicating the updated company offering.

After consulting with the client, we decided that the new website should:

  • Simplify the website content (the existing site had numerous sections apparently aimed at different user groups, but they essentially repeated the same information)
  • Simplify the navigation (reflecting the content, the existing navigation was convoluted and unnecessarily complex)
  • Feel more human and less corporate whilst maintaining confidence that the company are experts in the low-carbon and renewable energy sectors
  • Increase the focus on testimonials and project case studies, which are an impactful shop window for the brand.

The existing website had convoluted structure and navigation, and was slow to load, amongst other issues.


Visually, I decided to keep elements such as the body font and colour but choose a bolder, fuller font for section headings. I replaced the brand’s primary light green colour with a darker shade which better suited the company mission, whilst also providing higher contrast and visual weight throughout the page designs. Throughout the site, I tried to include strong imagery from CarbonPlan’s own case studies instead of stock imagery, wherever possible.

I consolidated the existing services sections (almost 70 pages) into a single page, which now provides a comprehensive overview of the services offered, whilst not going into unnecessary detail. I also included frequent buttons and links to the case studies so that users can easily navigate to real-world examples with the relevant services in mind.

I created the case studies as a WordPress custom post type and designed a page template so that when the admin user adds text and images to a project, each is displayed consistently within the same layout. The template includes a clear call to action for the user to contact CarbonPlan to discuss a similar project they may be planning or involved in.


The client was very happy with the new website. They were able to easily add new projects and testimonials in the back-end with no issues. They comented that the tweaked branding and new structure and layout felt cleaner, more moden and professional, and they couldn’t wait to use it to promote the company to existing and prospective clients.

View the live site at